Why Join X-Microwave?

Top 5 Reasons to Join X-Microwave – The RF Startup That’s Re-Inventing RF & Microwave Design

Roles at X-Microwave

X-Microwave offers exciting job opportunities for highly motivated skilled professionals.  We offer competitive compensation commensurate with skills and experience.  Local candidates are preferred. No phone calls please.

  • Work on cutting edge RF and Microwave applications from DC – 80 GHz.
  • Access to the latest devices from all of the major RF and Microwave manufactures.
  • Tackle a wide variety of projects including satcom, radar, and communications systems for both defense and commercial customers.
  • Make a global impact.
  • Get in early on an amazingly innovative RF and Microwave startup.

Please send your resume, cover letter and compensation requirements to


Position Description Location
Senior RF Engineer End-to-end engineering design, prototype, and manufacturing of RF and microwave components and systems. Experience with component selection and design of integrated microwave assemblies (IMA) a plus. Hands-on bench and test experience required.Austin, Texas
Senior CAD SpecialistPCB Design and Layout using Keysight’s ADS (Advanced Design System).  Solid Modeling experience with SolidWorks is a plus.Austin, Texas
Senior RF TechnicianAnalog RF component test, debug, and repair expertise. Experience with common analog RF components and high frequency instrumentation.  Hands-on assembly and test experience required. Austin, Texas
RF Applications EngineerSupporting the RF engineering team, manufacturing team, and supporting customers.Austin, Texas
Web Application DevelopmentDevelopment, maintenance, and support of online tools that allow our customers to find, select, and purchase RF and Microwave drop-in components. These tools are written in a combination of Java, JSON, Python, and reside on AWS.Austin, Texas

Detailed Description of Key Roles

Senior RF Engineer Role

We’re seeking an experienced hands-on RF design engineer. The ideal candidate has end-to-end product life cycle experience. Necessary skills include RF circuit simulation, component selection, PCB layout, and time on the bench that has developed practical intuition. Proven success in previous positions is a must. The candidate has a passion for working with the cutting edge devices from the leading RF component manufacturers. They can design independently or lead a team to creatively solve any design challenge, developing simple solutions to complex challenges. While they are a capable designer, they’re also a student of the craft reading the most popular trade publications and adopting ideas and best practices pioneered by others.

At X-Microwave you’ll help as we re-invent RF and microwave design, prototyping, and production with modular drop-in components. You will help develop the building blocks used to build radars, satellites, test equipment and communication systems across commercial, defense, and aerospace applications.

The position is located in Austin, TX. We offer a competitive salary and opportunity for growth.

Senior CAD Specialist (PCB Layout Intensive)

We’re seeking a skilled CAD designer with experience designing PCB’s for RF components and integrated assemblies.  Necessary skills include extensive experience with PCB Layout of RF circuits and assemblies, familiarity with mechanical design constraints, solid modeling is a plus.

The position is located in Austin, TX. We offer a competitive salary and opportunity for growth.

Senior RF Technician Role

We’re seeking a skilled analog RF hardware technician.  Necessary skills include familiarity with RF components, proficiency with high end instrumentation, proven component and top level assembly skills and significant test and troubleshooting time on the bench. Proven success in previous positions is a must.

The position is located in Austin, TX. We offer a competitive salary and opportunity for growth.