X-MW Library Download


X-Microwave makes installing and updating its X-MW Library for Genesys 2015.08 easy. The X-MW Library is packaged in the form of a digitally signed self-extracting executable. Follow the step-by-step instructions below. Administrative privileges are not required to complete the installation.

The installer copies the X-MW Library files to the following locations. After the installation has completed, one can paste the paths (including the % characters) into the Windows Explorer address bar to see the contents of the folder. This is especial handy when the AppData path is otherwise hidden in the folder browsing tree.

S-Parameter Model Files

  • %LocalAppData%\Keysight\Genesys2015.08\Data\X-Microwave

X-Parameter Model Files

  • %LocalAppData%\Keysight\Genesys2015.08\XData\X-Microwave

Symbol Images

  • %LocalAppData%\Keysight\Genesys2015.08\Images\X-Microwave

XML Library Files

  • %LocalAppData%\Keysight\Genesys2015.08\Library Files\X-Microwave

Installation Instructions

Note: This library must be installed for each user account on the machine that accesses Genesys.

  1. Genesys 2015.08 must already be installed on the user’s computer.
  2. Click on the link below to download the library installer.
  3. Ensure Genesys is closed before running the library installer.
  4. Run the library installer executable.
  5. Follow the onscreen prompts to finish installation.
  6. Open Genesys and start using your updated X-MW Library.

X-MW Library Download

This update is only for Genesys 2015.08. In Genesys 2018 the latest version of the X-Microwave Library is included with the Genesys 2018 distribution.
Click here to download the latest X-MW Library Installer