Training Videos

X-Microwave How-It-Works Animation

X-MWsystem from Design to Production in 3D

This animation demonstrates how X-Microwave’s 50GHz Modular RF Building Block System can be assembled for prototyping and production using solderless interconnects.

Note how the cascade of “Drop-In” components easily transition from the prototyping plate to the machined production housing.

Installing the gsg Solder-Less Interconnect

Installing the gsg Jumper

The gsg Jumper allows solderless interconnect between X-MWblocks from DC – 60 GHz. This brief tutorial introduces the gsg Jumper and how to install it.

Layout and Cascade Tool – Introduction

The Layout and Cascade tool is an interactive online design environment for part selection, layout, and cascade analysis of signal chains designed with X-MWblocks on a prototype plate or in standard connectorized housing.

Layout and Cascade Tool – Walls and Lids

Walls and lids allow you to explore cavity effects in preparation for designing IMAs. This tutorial takes you through the process of building a complex design with walls, lids, and shields in the X-Microwave design system.