X-MWsystem Getting Started Plate

Looking to get started with the X-MWsystem? The Getting Started Plate is a great way to evaluate a wide range of X-Microwave components on a single prototyping plate. The Getting Started Plate can be ordered with a single part number XM-RDK-200.

Getting Started Plate Contents (Details Below)

Getting Started Plate User Guide

Download the detailed user guide to learn how the components are wired up, required voltages, and more.

Component Overview

(1) Synthesizer

(2) Lumped Element Filter

(3,4) Planar Filters

  • (3)  Band Pass Filter, XM-A265-0604D, DLI AFL05158, [PCB 079], CF=15G BW=7.5G
  • (4) Band Pass Filter, XM-A2B3-0404D, DLI B096QC2S [PCB 082], CF=10G BW=5.4G

(5) Digital Step Attenuator

  • DSA, XM-A7D4-0604D, IDT F1956, [PCB 0701], F=1M-6G, 31.75dB, 7bit

(6) Transmission Line w/ Interconnect

  • 0404 Transmission Line, XM-A2M7-0404D, [PCB 306], F=DC-50 GHz (Qty 2)

(7) Switch

  • SPDT Switch, XM-A6J9-0409D, pSemi PE42525, [PCB 0456], F=40M – 60GHz

(8) Splitter

  • 2-Way Splitter, XM-A3R3-0409D, Mini-Circuits EP2K1+, [PCB 364B], F=2G-26.5G

(9,10) Amplifiers

  • (9) 15.5dB Amp, XM-A3A2-0404D, Custom MMIC CMD197C4, [PCB 320],  F=1G-24G
  • (10) 20dB Amp, XM-A3Y2-0404D, MACOM MAAL-011130, [PCB 403], F=2.4G-18.5G

This kit also includes:

  • 32 x 32 Prototyping Plate
  • RF Probes (Qty 5)
  • Anchors and gsg jumpers
  • Bias and control boards for each active RF block
  • Walls and lids for the synthesizer
  • Jumper wire
  • XM-HT-01 (Sticky gsg placement tool)
  • XM-HT-02 (1/8″ Hex Wrench)
  • Required screws