Multimedia and Video

X-Microwave System Overview

Growing investments in 5G, satcom, and defense electronics are increasing the accessibility and performance of RF and Microwave semiconductors while dramatically reducing their cost. RF engineers must design new systems faster, more efficiently, and with higher chances of first pass design success to take advantage of the growing market opportunity. While simulation has transformed the early stages of the design process, little has changed over the last 6 decades in the physical process of characterizing components, prototyping systems, and integrating designs for production. Improving design reuse is an obvious way to achieve these objectives, yet it has never been implemented on a broad scale through RF building blocks. In this 15-minute video we introduce the X-MWsystem and X-MWblocks® to maximize design reuse in the prototyping, through production of RF and Microwave systems from DC to 60 GHz and beyond.

X-Microwave How-It-Works Animation

X-MWsystem from Design to Production in 3D

This animation demonstrates how X-Microwave’s 50GHz Modular RF Building Block System can be assembled for prototyping and production using solderless interconnects.

Note how the cascade of “Drop-In” components easily transition from the prototyping plate to the machined production housing.

Installing the gsg Solder-Less Interconnect

Installing the gsg Jumper

The gsg Jumper allows solderless interconnect between X-MWblocks from DC – 60 GHz. This brief tutorial introduces the gsg Jumper and how to install it.

Layout and Cascade Tool – Introduction

The Layout and Cascade tool is an interactive online design environment for part selection, layout, and cascade analysis of signal chains designed with X-MWblocks on a prototype plate or in standard connectorized housing.

Layout and Cascade Tool – Walls and Lids

Walls and lids allow you to explore cavity effects in preparation for designing IMAs. This tutorial takes you through the process of building a complex design with walls, lids, and shields in the X-Microwave design system.

Analog Devices – IMS Showcase

Abhishek Kapoor explains the new collaboration between ADI and X-Microwave. X-Microwave tools and boards simplify RF, Microwave and mmWave designs and evaluations.

Signal Path – IMS Showcase

Shahriar, founder of, presents an overview of the X-MWsystem on the exhibition floor at the International Microwave Symposium 2018. Shahriar is a RF and Microwave technologist with a loyal following in the RF and Microwave community.

X-Microwave – IMS Showcase

Erik Luther of X-Microwave reviews some of the new offerings from X-Microwave including solutions up to 95 GHz at IMS2019.