Layout and Cascade Tool (LCT)

Welcome to X-Microwave’s LCT

The Layout and Cascade tool is an interactive online design environment for part selection, layout, and cascade analysis of signal chains designed with X-MWblocks on a prototype plate or in standard connectorized housing.

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Watch for frequent content and functionality updates here

Update (21 June 2018)

  • Added 1300 X-Microwave blocks to the Cascade and Layout Tool
  • Combined previous MLT and Cascade tools to create a single integrated tool.
  • Added ability to export full components list to CSV complete list of components and accessories.

Update (8 July 2015)

  • Changed the name of the”Quick Look” feature to “Insight”,  and made it more user friendly.

Update (6 July 2015)

  • Removed an outdated library causing some clients to crash
  • Fix: Saved designs with rotated parts load correctly
  • New Save Feature!  Save a design (an .xmwd file) to your hard drive
  • A “Start” dialog has been added, create a new design or open a saved design