PLLs with Int VCO
54 to 4400 MHz


  • RF output frequency range: 54 MHz to 4400 MHz
  • Fractional-N synthesizer and integer-N synthesizer
  • High resolution 38-bit modulus
  • Low phase noise, voltage controlled oscillator (VCO)
  • Programmable divide by 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 output
  • Analog and digital power supplies: 3.3 V
  • Charge pump and VCO power supplies: 5.0 V typical
  • Logic compatibility: 1.8 V
  • Programmable dual modulus prescaler of 4/5 or 8/9
  • Programmable output power level RF output mute function
  • 3-wire serial interface
  • Analog and digital lock detect


  • FMCW radars
  • Communications test equipment
  • Communications infrastructure

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General Description

The XM-A3R8-0409D is an Integer-N PLL Frequency Synthesizer with integrated VCO featuring ADI’s ADF4355-2 provided as a drop-in on an 0409 format.  The drop-in is a complete circuit with configurable loop amplifier.  A compatible Bias/Control board provides for easy prototype control using our X-MWcontroller.  The PLL is capable of synthesis from 54 to 4400 MHz.

The ADF4355-2 allows implementation of fractional-N or integer-N phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesizers when used with an external loop filter and an external reference frequency. A series of frequency dividers permits operation from 54 MHz to 4400 MHz. The ADF4355-2 has an integrated voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) with a fundamental output frequency ranging from 3400 MHz to 6800 MHz. In addition, the VCO frequency is connected to divide by 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 circuits that allow the user to generate radio frequency (RF) output frequencies as low as 54 MHz. For applications that require isolation, the RF output stage can be muted. The mute function is both pin and software controllable. Control of all on-chip registers is through a simple 3-wire interface. The ADF4355-2 operates with analog and digital power supplies, ranging from 3.15 V to 3.45 V, with charge pump and VCO supplies from 4.75 V to 5.25 V. The ADF4355-2 also contains hardware and software power-down modes.

The XM-A5M4-0409D PLL block is designed to integrate with other X-MWblocks.   Use a compatible Quartz based OCXO reference (like the XM-A2L3-0809D) to drive the PLL to improve the close-in phase noise and stability.

The XM-A5M4-0409D can also be purchased in a connectorized Housing XM-A5M4-0409C and can easily be integrated with other X-MWblock drop-ins to build IMAs in standard X-MWblock Housings or Custom Housings.

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