16 GHz to 26 GHz


  • RF Range: 16 GHz to 26 GHz
  • LO Range: 16 GHz to 26 GHz
  • IF Range: DC to 5 GHz
  • Conversion Loss: 6.5 dB


  • Microwave Radio
  • Military
  • Test Equipment

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General Description

The XM-A5B7-0404D is a Double-Balanced Mixer provided as an X-MWblock 0404 Drop-In Package. The Mixer has an LO range of 16 GHz to 26 GHz, RF range of 16 GHz to 26 GHz and an IF range of DC to 9 GHz. The Mixer is a complete circuit ready to integrate.

The XM-A5B7-0404D can easily be integrated with other X-MWblock Components to build IMAs on the Prototype Plate, in standard X-MWblock Housings or in Custom Housings.

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