1.85 mm; DC to 67 GHz


  • Super SMA Series
  • DC to 67 GHz
  • Field Replaceable
  • Contact Ring
  • Southwest Microwave PN: 1814-06SF


  • X-MWhousings
  • General Purpose 

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General Description

The XM-185-F-2H-0.5-01 is a 1.85 mm Connector Manufactured by Southwest Microwave.  The 185 series is good to 67 GHz.

The Southwest Connector was chosen for its outstanding electrical performance, quality and availability of other physically compatible connectors.

The XM-185-F-2H-0.5-01 is offered for convenience to be used with X-MWblock Housings (X-MWhousings).

Each connector comes with a launch pin and dielectric.  The Dielectric is 125 mils long and the pin is 12 mils on the connector side and 7 mils on the pcb side.

The connector and launch pin and dielectric have the following manufacturer part numbers:

Connector: 1814-06SF

Launch Pin and Dielectric: 1090-12G



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1.85mm Connectors on 0804 X-MWblock