Switch, PE42520 [PCB: 298]
SP2T F=9K-13G
Included Bias Controller: XM-C3T4-0409D
Connectorized Housing
SuperSMA Connectors


Low Freq (MHz)


High Freq (MHz)


Power-up Sequence 1. Apply -VIN = -4.0V [+4V to +9V] 2. Apply +VIN = +4.0V [-4V to -9V] 3. Apply Control Voltage to LS and CTL (0V = LOW, +3.3V = HIGH) Note: LS = 10k Ohm Pull-down to GND 4. Apply the RF input signal Power-down Sequence 1. Turn off the RF input signal 2. Adjust LS and CTL to 0V 3. Adjust -VIN to 0V 4. Adjust +VIN to 0V
Truth Table ------------------------------------------------------ CTL LS || Signal Path State ------------------------------------------------------ LOW LOW || COM to P2 HIGH LOW || COM to P1 LOW HIGH || COM to P1 HIGH HIGH || COM to P2 Logic Levels: 0 = LOW / 3.3V = HIGH LS: The Logic Select feature is used to determine the definition for the CTL pin.


S-Parameter Plot (Full Screen)