Attenuators (VVA)
50 to 6000 MHz


  • Voltage Variable Attenuator
  • Freq Range: 50 to 6000 MHz
  • Control Range:  0 to 3.6V (Pos or Neg Slope)
  • High Power Handling: 27 dBm CW
  • High Linearity: IIP3  65/47 dBm
  • S-Parameter Model Available


  • Test and Measurement
  • WIMAX Tx/Rx
  • Military Systems
  • Point to Point Infrastructure
  • Base Station Radios

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General Description

The XM-A7D5-0404D is a Voltage Variable Attenuator (VVA) (F2250 from IDT) provided as a X-MWblock 0404 Drop-In Package.  The F2250 is a low insertion loss Voltage Variable Attenuator. It offers maximum power handling of 27 dBm from 1 to 6 GHz with excellent return loss, IP3 and slope linearity across the control range of 0V to 3.6V using either a positive or negative slope.  It maintains high attenuation accuracy over frequency and temperature. Blocking capacitors are included.

The XM-A7D5-0404D can easily be integrated with other X-MWblock Components to build IMAs in standard X-MWblock Housings or Custom Housings.

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