50 MHz to 8 GHz


  • SPDT RF Switch
  • Freq Range: 50 to 8000 MHz
  • Insertion Loss: < 1 dB to 2 GHz
  • Isolation: 60 dB to 4 GHz
  • Fast RF Rise/Fall: < 225 ns Typ
  • Absorptive
  • ENABLE option
  • S-Parameter Model Available


  • Test and Measurement
  • Microwave Backhaul
  • Radar
  • Military Communications
  • Block DownConverters

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General Description

The XM-A7D7-0409D is a Silicon SPDT RF Switch (F2932 from IDT) provided as a X-MWblock 0409 Drop-In Package. The RF switch is absorptive and covers 50 MHz to 8 GHz. The F2932 has low insertion loss, high isolation, and high linearlity.  The F2932 has an ENABLE option that puts all paths in the off state and disables the Vctl.

The XM-A7D7-0409D can easily be integrated with other X-MWblock Components to build IMAs in standard X-MWblock Housings or Custom Housings.

Use Switch Control Board PN: XM-Axxx-0404D.

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