Bias Controllers


Bias Controller, MADR-010410 [PCB: 1107]
for Phase Shifter, TGP2102
Level Shifter, Serial for Parallel Phase Shifter


Power-up Sequence 1. Apply -VIN = -5.5V [-5.5V to -8V] 2. Apply +VIN = +5.5V [5.5V to 8V] 3. Program using SPI (0V/3.3V Logic: SIN, CLK, LE) 4. Apply the RF input signal Power-down Sequence 1. Turn off the RF input signal 2. Remove SPI Connections 3. Adjust +VIN to 0V 4. Adjust -VIN to 0V Theory of Operation +VIN and -VIN are regulated to +5V and -5V respectively. The MADR-010410 provides a serial to parallel interface, translating SPI based control signals to negative gate control voltages. 3.3V or 5.0V SPI control signals should be connected to SIN, CLK, and LE inputs. B1,B2, B3, B4, B5 are -5V/0V digital outputs.