Machined Housings


1204 Housing (Lid-Housing-Lid)


General Description

The XM-LHL-1204-01 is a Machined Housing with Top and Bottom Lids. The overall size is 1.88 x 0.80 x 0.54 including both lids.

The XM-LHL-1204-01 is machined Aluminum with E-Nickel Plating. The internal cavity accommodates a combination of one or more X-MWblocks that take up an 1204 size (mounted with 1-72 hardware).

The Housing has bottom side and thru mounting provisions: 4 threaded 2-56 mounting holes (with heli-coils) or 4 thru holes for 2-56 mounting hardware.

The Top Side cavity depth is the standard at 0.250 inches and is typically used for RF and Microwave Components (X-MWblocks).

The Bottom Side cavity depth is the standard at 0.120 inches and is typically used for X-MWblock Regulators (XM-A133-0404D) or control boards.

The 2 RF Ports are machined for 0.5″ 2-hole flange Connectors with a dielectric diameter of 0.039″. X-Microwave offers several Connector options that are purchased separately.

X-Microwave also offers Feethru Terminals and Ground Lugs that are purchased separately.