Prototype Plates


16×16 Prototyping Plate
Nickel Plated Copper


General Description

The XM-PP2-1616-02 is a X-MWblock compatible Prototype Plate. Test or align X-MWblocks or assemblies of multiple blocks.

The XM-PP2-1616-02 is milled of Copper with Roll Formed Threaded Holes for long life. Four L-Shaped feet are provided to create a back side for bias and control boards and for I/O boards to provide flexibility for different types of connectors.

There are 256 threaded holes on a 0.135 inch grid for mounting X-MWblock components, X-MWprobes and X-MWwalls. A designer can quickly assemble a complete shielded microwave assembly with nothing but 1-72 socket head screws and a 1/16 driver.

Prototype Plates can be purchased individually or as part of a Prototype Station Kit.