Reference Design Kits


ADMV1014 Downconverter
Getting Started Plate
24 – 44 GHz
Includes: Synthesizer, Downconverter, Balun, and more…


The ADMV1013 and ADMV1014 Reference Design Kits are a great way to get started. The ADMV1013 Upconverter Reference Design Kit (XM-RDK-201) and ADMV1014 Downconverter Reference Design Kit (XM-RDK-202) can each be ordered with a single part number.

ADMV1014 Reference Design Kit (XM-RDK-202)

ADMV1014 Reference Design Kit (XM-RDK-202)

Download the detailed user guide to learn how the components are wired up, required voltages, and more.

ADMV1014 Kit Component Overview

Reference Oscillator

  • OSC, XM-A7T7-0404D, Connor-Winfield TB522-100.0M, [PCB 750], F=100M TCXO

PLL with Integrated VCO

  • PLL-VCO, XM-A5Y9-0409D, ADI ADF5356 [PCB 382], F=53.125M – 13.6G

Planar Filter

  • Band Pass Filter, XM-A2C3-0604D, DLI B056RC4S, [PCB 81], CF=6G BW=4.6G


  • Amplifier, XM-C598-0404D, ADI HMC451LC3, [PCB 1073], F=5G-20G -4dB +19dB -7dB

Transmission Line / Placeholder

IF Downconverter

  • IF Downconverter, XM-B9U7-0909D, ADI ADMV1014, [PCB 1526], F=24GHz – 44GHz

Hybrid Coupler

  • 90 Deg Hybrid, XM-C373-0509D, Mini-Circuits QCH-63, [PCB 1300], F=2-6G

LTCC Low Pass Filter

  • Low Pass Filter, XM-A1B2-0204D, Mini-Circuits LFCN-3000+, [PCB 30],  F=3GHz

This kit also includes:

  • X-MWcontroller for programming the PLL and ADMV1014
  • 32 x 32 Prototyping Plate
  • RF Probes (Qty 4)
  • Anchors and gsg jumpers
  • Bias and control boards for each active RF block
  • Jumper wire
  • Required screws