0601 Wall


General Description

The XM-WT1-0601 is a modular wall section for configuring arbitrary cavities on the X-MWprotoplate.

The XM-WT1-0601 is milled of Aluminum and E-Nickel Plated.

Three other Wall pieces and 5 Lid pieces are available.

See the XM-PP1-3629 Prototype Plate. A designer can quickly assemble a complete shielded microwave assembly with nothing but 1-72 socket head screws and a 1/16 driver.

See the XM-PB1-185F RF Probes for use with the Prototype Plate.

See the XM-TC1-185M-292M-30 family of cables for adapting from the 1.85mm Probe Connector to 2.92mm (SMA Compatible) connectors and test equipment.