IMA: Drop-In (AMP-AMP)


IMA: Drop-In (Mult: 6 Combined X-MWblocks)

IMA: Connectorized (5 Standard X-MWblocks)

Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs)

X-Microwave offers standard and custom IMAs configured using two or more standard X-MWblock components.  

IMA’s are available in two forms:

  • Drop-In IMA: Two or more standard X-MWblocks combined into one PCB…..making a new “Standard” Drop-In IMA.
  • Connectorized IMA: One or more standard X-MWblocks or Drop-In IMA’s integrated into a Machined Housing.

IMA’s range in complexity from simple Cascaded Amplifiers and Filters to Frequency Multipliers to Complete Subsystems.  

Configure and order your own Custom Drop-In IMA in 3 easy steps:

  1. Cascade two or more standard X-MWblocks and confirm the performance on the X-MWsimulator.  
  2. Consult the factory for IMA design review and to request a quote. 
  3. Purchase 10 or more of the new Custom Drop-In IMA.  If the new Custom IMA is approved as a new Standard IMA there will be no Setup Fee.  If the new Custom IMA is not a standard IMA a modest Setup Fee will apply.