1.85mm and 2.92mm Test Cables

SMA End Launch Connectors

1.85mm End Launch Connectors

End Launch in Action


X-Microwave offers an attractive line of high performance general purpose RF Test Cables.  The cables are ideal to be used with the X-MWprotostation and for testing X-MWblock connectorized components. The cables are available in several standard lengths and are offered with 2.92mm connectors or 1.85mm connectors.  The cables may be configured with mixed connector types to function as adapters from the 1.85mm connectors to SMA compatible test equipment.

End Launch Connector

X-Microwave offers custom High Performance End Launch Connectors that are compatible with any X-MWblock RF Launch.  This allows a standard X-MWblock to be used as a standalone traditional EVAL board if desired.  The End Launch was designed in cooperation with Southwest Microwave.  It has excellent performance to 50 GHz.  The End Launch Connector can be outfitted with Male or Female gendered Super SMA or 2.92mm or 1.85mm connector families.