X-MWblock Composite Amplifier

X-MWblock Filters

X-MWblock 30 GHz BB Dist Amplifier

X-MWblock Drop-On Filters


X-MWblocks are the “Drop-In” and “Drop-On” Components at the heart of the X-Microwave Innovative Modular Building Block System.  X-MWblocks are easy to test, integrate, align, and configure to 60 GHz.   From prototype to final production hardware,  no messy Sweat Soldering or Silver Epoxy processes are required.  X-MWblocks are highly characterized including X-Parameter and S-Parameter Models.  Optimize your design topology using our online X-MWsimulator and build your product with confidence.

  • Over 1500 X-MWblock Components and Counting
  • Consult the factory for custom X-MWblocks
  • Combine to make custom Integrated Microwave Assemblies