How much does it cost to use the simulator?

It’s free. The only requirement is that you register for a free account.

Do I need to download and install any software?

No.  X-Microwave’s Free Online Simulator is 100% web based. Our simulator is optimized for best performance with the Google Chrome browser (Version 40 and above). However, the use of Internet Explorer 9+ is supported. Firefox is not supported at this time, but will be in a feature release.

Are my designs kept private and secure?

X-Microwave takes your privacy and data security seriously. We follow standard industry practices (including the use of SSL encrypted connections) in an effort to insure data security, but we do not guarantee that your information will be kept private or secure . USE THE ONLINE SIMULATOR AT YOUR OWN RISK. For your convenience, the simulator server caches the user’s most recent design that was simulated enabling the user to switch (or reboot) computers without loosing the current design. Note that previous designs are deleted unless a problem simulating the design was detected. In this case a copy of the design may be saved for the sole purpose of debugging and improving the simulator.

Do you guarantee that simulations will match real world results?

No. However, the results should be reasonably close in most cases. The X-MWsimulator is a “work in progress”. The economies of offering a free online simulator dictate that a compromise be made between speed and accuracy. Therefore, there are some known (as well as unknown) circuit topologies and conditions which may cause the simulator’s results to significantly diverge from optimal. For more information regarding known limitations of the simulator, see Known Simulator Limitations.

Where’s the simulate button?!

There is no simulate button. Just right-click on the black line connecting any two components to view the power spectrum at that node.  A determination is automatically made whether a new simulation must occur. The swirling donut (yes, that’s what I see) indicates that a simulation is in process.

How long do simulations take?

On average simulations take 10 – 20 seconds assuming no jobs are ahead of you in the simulation queue. A message at the top of your browser window indicates your starting position in the queue (note that this value is not updated after a simulation request is made). Each simulation job is given a maximum of 2 minutes to complete. If a job does does not converge within this time frame then the job is halted. Note that the time spent waiting (if any) in the simulation queue is not counted towards the 2 minute limit.

It looks like the simulation ended, but I see no spectrum?

This is what happens if the simulation job does not complete (doesn’t converge) in the allotted 2 minutes (not including the wait time in the queue if any). We recognize the need to generate a message indicating this fate and possibly the root-cause. This feature is on the top of our to-do list.

Can I download the Genesys workspace file and models?

Users of Genesys will be happy to know that we are adding this capability very soon. Users will be able to apply the full analytical power of Keysight’s Genesys software by downloading the same workspace file (schematic) and models used for the design you created with the online simulator.

What if my question is not answered here?

Please send simulator related questions to We will do our best to answer your question quickly. We might even add it to the FAQ.