Non-Linear Simulations

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The X-MWsimulator uses Keysights Genesys Spectrasys Simulation Engine which utilizes a spectral-domain simulation technique created specifically for RF system simulation and diagnosis called SPARCA – Spectral Propagation And Root Cause Analysis.

A designer can gain valuable insight into the mechanisms that cause unwanted spectral content and the modes of propagation of that energy in all directions of a given Block Diagram.

Every now and then it is good to step back and consider a different approach:

The X-MWsimulator was designed with 3 key goals:


X-MWsimulator Steps:

  • Place Symbols and Connect on the Canvas
  • Use the Parts Selector to Choose Components
  • Simulate (Simply Right Click on a Node)
  • Analyze the Spectra (Right Click on a Spectral Line)
  • Confirm the BOM (Bill Of Materials)

Placing Symbols on the Canvas:

  • Click, Drag and Drop Components and Sources and Loads onto the Canvas
  • Click and Drag Components to Re-Position 
  • Drag Nodes to Interconnect Components

Choose Components:

  • Right Click on a Symbol to Activate the Part Selector
  • Choose a Component for the Application
  • Repeat for Every Symbol


  • Right Click on a Node to Run a Simulation
  • View the Spectral Content at that Node
  • View the Spectral Content at any other Node

Analyze the Spectra (Right Click on a Spectral Line):

  • Choose a Spectral Component of Interest
  • Hover to View Frequency and Total Node Power
  • Right Click to View Spectral Content
  • Hover Over the Content of Interest
  • Study the “Frequency Equation” and “Signal Path”
  • Repeat as Desired for any Content of any Spectra at any Node

View the Parts List:

  • Click BOM to View Parts List
  • Review Pricing and Power Consumption
  • Modify Component Selection as Desired

Download Free Trial of Genesys:

  • Download Genesys Spectrasys 
  • Explore the Many Additional Powerful Capabilities of Genesys Spectrasys such as:
    • Extensive Library of Components
    • Many Predefined System Measurements
    • Budget Analysis
    • Integration with ADS