X-MWsystem Overview

RF and Microwave Building Blocks

From the back of a napkin to deployable systems in weeks, breadboarding RF and Microwave circuits is now a reality (DC – 60 GHz). Recent innovations in drop-in component technologies allow high performance RF & Microwave circuits to be prototyped quickly for immediate use in the field with an accelerated path to volume production. RF engineers are tackling challenges from product design to production test in record time, at a fraction of the cost.

Plug and Play Drop-in Components

Supporting 1000’s of devices from your favorite RF and Microwave device manufacturers, X-Microwave blocks (X-MWblocks) are Lego-like drop-in components that connect together to build high performance RF circuits. All blocks strictly adhere to grid based sizes making them interchangeable. They can be connected together in almost any configuration with high performance solder-less interconnects and are interfaced with patented probe technology – all validated from DC – 60 GHz. Together the system is referred to as the X-Microwave System (X-MW System.)

Design Evolution or Revolution

Simulation is a critical stage in the design process followed by prototyping. Utilizing a standardized prototyping system is a natural evolution, allowing you to select devices from a variety of vendors and quickly build compact prototypes on your desktop without the need for fragile, bulky RF cables and the rats nest of bias and digital control wires. In the X-MWsystem interconnects are robust, cabled connections are uniform and streamlined with a common approach to bias and control.

Rapid prototypes built on the X-MWsystem provide a revolutionary path to production. Designs with multiple X-MWblocks can be seamlessly integrated into a single PCB and housed in standard off-the-shelf (or custom) enclosures. Moving directly from the prototyping plate to production minimizes the risk introduced by redesign often required in traditional design flows.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in “Getting on the grid” visit X-Microwave.com and download the Getting Started Guide to learn more about the design system. You’ll likely want to start with a Prototyping Station Kit (XM-PSK2-07) which includes a 32×32 prototyping plate, 2 – 50 GHz probes, and test cables. GSG jumpers and anchors are relatively inexpensive and the quantity needed depends on the size of your design. Next, RF part selection often starts with the schematic made on the back of a napkin or through the interactive Mechanical Layout Tool available on the X-Microwave website. We’re adding hundreds of new parts every month. If you don’t see the parts you’re looking for on the website, please ask. They may be available.

Have questions? Send an email: sales@www.xmicrowave.com