Getting Started


X-MWsystem Getting Started Guide

Getting Started Reference

Download the Getting Started Guide to learn more about the design system. You’ll likely want to start with a Prototyping Station Kit (XM-PSK2-07) which includes a 32×32 prototyping plate, 2 – 50 GHz probes, and test cables. GSG jumpers and anchors are relatively inexpensive and the quantity needed depends on the size of your design. Next, RF part selection often starts with the schematic made on the back of a napkin or through the interactive Mechanical Layout Tool available on the X-Microwave website.

Installing the gsg Jumper

X-MWcontroller RasPi Touch Interface

RaspberryPi Based Control

The touch interface comes loaded with an intuitive configuration interface for all supported SPI and parallel controlled parts. The plug-and-play interface give you a common method for configuring PLL’s, digital step attenuators, and more on the bench without the need for installing software.

X-MWsystem Getting Started Plate

Getting Started Plate

Looking for a way to get started? The XM-RDK-200 is a reference design kit that can be ordered with a single part number. It includes a wide range of components and is great for evaluating the X-Microwave System.

HMC980 Bias Controller

Download the HMC980 Tuning Guide

The HMC980 is an active bias controller that automatically adjusts the gate voltage of an external amplifier to achieve constant bias current. The X-Microwave PCB layout 135 integrates the HMC980 with both a positive and negative supply voltage regulators enabling convenient support for a wide range of amplifiers. While X-Microwave offers a wide range of pre-configured bias controllers, PCB 135 can also be re-configured to support other amplifiers by replacing a few key resistors. To learn more about customizing the HMC980 review the attached HMC980 Tuning Guide.